Did you ever wonder which ALM Octane entities and fields are available on your specific environments? Which of them are public, technology preview or private? What exactly changed in the last release or patch?

The ALM Octane Developer Tools help you analyze your environment in detail. They are available as an Excel workbook so you can easily sort and filter the results. And you can also use the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code and the REST calls to develop your own tools.

Currently the tool kit offers these functionalities - subscribe to receive updates!

  • ALM Octane Entities: Which entities can you access via the REST API? Currently more than 180 are available like defects, tests, requirements, ...
  • ALM Octane Fields: Which fields can you access via the REST API? Currently more than 4.500 fields are available!
  • Get Items: Retrieve items from your environment; for example get all defects and analyze them on a very technical level.. Did you know a defect has nearly 100 technical fields?

You like the ALM Octane Tools? Then please review them & give them 5 stars! They don't work as expected? You have ideas for new features? Please contact me!

Minimum Requirements

  • Micro Focus ALM Octane (Software as a Service or on-premise)
  • Microsoft Excel 2010 (32 Bit or 64 Bit)

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2021-08-28 21.4
1.9 MB
Aug 28, 2021
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Product compatibility
Version 12.53.16 · 12.53.17 · 12.55.4 · 12.55.5 · 12.55.6 · 12.55.7 · 12.55.8 · 12.55.9 · 12.55.10 · 12.55.11 · 12.55.12 · 12.55.13 · 12.55.25 · 12.60.3 · 12.60.4 · 12.60.35 · 12.60.47 · 12.60.60
Version 15.0.20 · 15.0.40 · 15.0.60 · 15.1.20 · 15.1.40 · 15.1.60
Release notes
  • Get Items: Examples for filtering / sorting (see Admin Guide, based on an idea by Yael Peisachov)
  • Several coding and error handling improvements

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