ALM Octane is a comprehensive lifecycle management solution focused on enhancing the speed, quality, and scale of delivering software for organizations adopting Lean, Agile, and DevOps delivery practice. As enterprises shift to a more rapid application delivery, ALM Octane provides the robust enterprise capabilities to meet that need. For more details and trial of ALM Octane, please check out ALM Octane.

As an existing ALM / QC customer you may want to migrate part or all of your current projects' data into ALM Octane, This page provides all materials on how to get ready for the data migration from ALM / QC projects to ALM Octane workspaces.

How does it work?

Micro Focus offers a Migration Tool that will make the data migration from your existing ALM / QC projects into ALM Octane projects easy.

As the migration from ALM / QC to ALM Octane (or any other tool) is not just about the data itself but it includes other aspects, such as: Workflow users, methodology - that will all fit your exact business needs, there is some preparation needed before the actual data migration should start.

This site will provide you with all information needed to get prepared and our teams are ready to assist you in planning and during the migration.

Is migration mandatory for customers?

No. Customers can keep using ALM/QC as long as it fits their business needs.

Micro Focus believes different customers may have different business needs and ALM methodologies. Hence Micro Focus keeps the investment in ALM/QC while encouraging customers who are interested and ready to move to ALM Octane.

On Premise and SaaS ALM/QC customers - here is where to start from:

Micro Focus offers a FREE Assisted Migration Program* where our Customer Success team would assist you in the process of migration, provide guidance on the migration tool and would run a data migration POC on a selected project. The Migration Tool will be provided to program participants upon usage introduction.

If you want to get more than just assistance during the entire migration process - Micro Focus Professional Services and many of our business partners are certified to provide a value added full migration service as you embark on the Agile & DevOps transformation with ALM Octane.

For more details on all options - contact us at: Go Octane <>

* This is a time limited program, offering can change at any time

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ALM Octane Migration 2.6
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Mar 29, 2021
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Product compatibility
Version 15.0.60 · 15.1.40 · 15.1.60
Release notes

The release pack contains:

  • The most recent release of the tool
  • User Guide documents
  • How-To/ Demo videos
  • Migration Troubleshooting document
  • Example of configuration files

For more information please contact us at : Go Octane <>.


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