Ever tried to manage regulatory assessments or projects - e.g. for GDPR, CCPA or POPIA - with large spreadsheets and dozens of documents? Collaborated with various stakeholders and consolidated their inputs? Created macros and templates to boil down the results in management reports and dashboards? Sent them around every week just to find out they were outdated a few hours later? And don’t even ask for auditing – “Who decided this is not relevant about a year ago?” “How can we ensure we did not miss anything?” “What did we discuss regarding this article?” – Spreadsheets, really?

Watch the short video Do you still manage GDPR in Spreadsheets? Try GDPR & ALM Octane – A Perfect Match! - ALM Octane and ALM/QC make it much easier to work with the GDPR, CCPA or POPIA: You can easily collaborate with stakeholders, search & filter for specific terms, use dashboards & analytics to measure and manage progress. It automatically creates audit trails so you can validate and explain how you analyzed and implemented GDPR requirements in your organization. ALM Octane and ALM/QC contain project management capabilities and many more very useful functionalities out of the box.

The Content Packs also contain links to the Micro Focus portfolio. Use it to answer questions like “I have to implement pseudonymisation – which products support that?” or “We already use Micro Focus Content Manager – which regulatory requirements and use cases can we address with it?”.

Please see the User Guide (download below) - it explains these use cases in more detail.

ALM Octane and ALM/QC with the Content Packs support various processes around GDPR, CCPA & POPIA and can be used by consulting firms and end users. You can use and enhance the Content Packs free of charge – not only for importing GDPR, POPIA & CCPA into ALM Octane or ALM/QC, but any regulation, specification or bulk data:

SAP Content Packs by Micro Focus

Use SAP QualityCenter to manage your GDPR, POPIA or CCPA projects - and learn which SAP products by Micro Focus support these regulations.

GDPR Accelerator for ALM Octane

The “GDPR Accelerator for ALM Octane” by Micro Focus Professional Services supports your GDPR transition. It is based on the GDPR Content Pack and Micro Focus’ expertise to accelerate the implementation of ALM Octane for GDPR leveraging the best practices for using ALM Octane. This service will get you up to speed and ensure that you get the most value out of using ALM Octane and the content pack in approximately two weeks. Of course the Micro Focus team will also support you for POPIA and CCPA - just contact them to learn more!

Minimum Requirements

Micro Focus ALM Octane (Software as a Service or on-premise)

Micro Focus ALM/QC (Software as a Service or on-premise)

Microsoft Excel 2010 (32 Bit or 64 Bit)

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2020-08-14 20.1
18.8 MB
Aug 14, 2020
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Product compatibility
Version 15.1.40 · 15.1.20 · 15.0.20 · 15.0.40 · 15.0.60
Version 12.53.16 · 12.53.17 · 12.55.4 · 12.55.5 · 12.55.6 · 12.55.7 · 12.55.8 · 12.55.9 · 12.55.10 · 12.55.11 · 12.55.12 · 12.55.13 · 12.55.25 · 12.60.3 · 12.60.4 · 12.60.35 · 12.60.47 · 12.60.60
Version 15.50 · 15.00.0 · 15.01.0
Version 12.50 · 12.53 · 12.55 · 12.60
Version 14.00
Release notes

This is the first version for GDPR (European Union), CCPA (California) and POPI Act (South Africa)

See all release notes in the Import Tool / sheet Version Information

Release notes for version 20.1:

  • ALM: Authenticate with API keys instead of username / password (optional)
  • ALM: Import demo test scripts
  • Octane: Link defects, user stories, quality stories to features (ALM Octane >=
  • Even more Micro Focus products & links added
  • Various enhancements, e.g. improved error handling & developer features (see Admin Guide)
  • Cleanup code; remove stubs for DRM
2019-08-10 5.0
15.3 MB
Aug 10, 2019
More info Less info
Product compatibility
Version 12.50 · 12.53 · 12.55 · 12.60
Version 15.1.40 · 15.1.20 · 15.0.60 · 15.0.20 · 15.0.40
Version 12.53.16 · 12.53.17 · 12.55.4 · 12.55.5 · 12.55.6 · 12.55.7 · 12.55.8 · 12.55.9 · 12.55.10 · 12.55.11 · 12.55.12 · 12.55.13 · 12.55.25 · 12.60.3 · 12.60.4 · 12.60.35 · 12.60.47 · 12.60.60
Release notes

See all release notes in the Import Tool / sheet Version Information.

Release notes for version 5.0:

  • Octane: Optionally use Username / Password instead of Client ID / Client Secret (API Keys)
  • HTML Formatting for regulatory texts added (both ALM Octane and ALM/QC)
  • Octane: Important performance fix for Octane version >=
  • ALM: Minor bug fix for Excel 64Bit (complex folder names / SharePoint)
  • Adjustments to prepare the GDPR Content Pack for other purposes and regulations like CCPA and POPI Act

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