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A non-invasive data collection tool developed for supporting LoadRunner (LR) and Performance Center (PC) products.


LoadRunner Detect collects operating system, hardware, software and otherenvironmental related information that helpsa supportengineer understand and troubleshoot PC and LR problems. It can be run on the following installations from LR/PC version 11.00 onwards:

  • LoadRunner Full
  • Performance Center Host
  • Standalone Application (SA) - VuGen, TruClient, Analysis or Windows Load Generator, MI Listener (starting with 12.56 version).

LoadRunner Detect generates an HTML report file, containing the following information:

  • Operating system version and service packs, virtualization, locale, environment variables, browsers installed, User Account Control (enabled or disabled), Data Execution Prevention level, is user administrator or no, layered service providers, AppInit dlls etc, list of installed programs andrunning processes.
  • Hardware information - processors, memory, free space on hard drives, attached monitors.
  • LR/PCrelated information - installed products fromLoadRunner family, patches, custom components, main executable files, related environment variables, LoadRunner agent details, various configuration settingssuch aslast used web recording options, vugen.ini, correlation configuration, Analysis configuration, logs, registration failures, various protocol information etc.
  • Other related information - .NET version, JAVA installations (JDK or JRE), Citrix, RDP and Oracle clients.
  • Other related product information iffound: Network Virtualization, UFT, LeanFT, BPM, SiteScope, VTS etc.


No installation is required. The only prerequisite is.NET version higher than 3.5mustbe installed on the LR/PC machine.

Running LoadRunner Detect

  1. Extract the ZIP fileonto the LoadRunner or Performance Center machine.
  2. Run LRDetect .exe file.
  3. In the tool window, click on Collect Info button to start collecting the data.
    Once the data is collected, a report will be generated in html format and opened automatically in the default browser.
  4. The report file (LR_Detect_Report .html) file is saved in the same directory LRDetect .exe is located.
  5. Send Info button will become available in the tool window after the report generation. It will invoke the e-mail client and attach the report.
  6. Fill out the e-mail address of the support engineer to whom you want to send the report.

The tool can also be run from the command line: "LRDetect -collect".

To see all command line arguments, run "LRDetect -help".

Additional information can be added to the report by enabling options in the Include menu

How and where is the information collected from?

LoadRrunner Detect only collects the informationpresented in the report and nothing else. The data is collected from the computer using the following methods:

  • Windows registry;
  • Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) queries;
  • Windows shellprogram execution - java, netsh (collects winsock layered providers), systeminfo (used for getting the installed Winodws updates), netstat (used if a running LR/PC agent is detected), ipconfig (used if collecting network information is enabled), tnsping(used if an Oracle client is detected)


LoadRunner Detect 2.1
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Jun 20, 2018
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Product compatibility
LoadRunner and Performance Center
Version 12.63 · 12.62 · 12.61 · 12.60 · 12.0 · 12.1 · 12.2 · 12.50 · 12.53 · 12.55 · 12.56 · 12.57
Version 11.0 · 11.5 · 11.51 · 11.52
Release notes

Initial addition to the AppDelivery Marketplace.

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