Micro Focus Connect Core is a data synchronization technology that provides data and relationship synchronization between products across the software development Agile/DevOps application lifecycle. Micro Focus Connect replaces point-to-point integration with a single synchronization engine, and connector framework. MF Connect lowers administrative costs by providing a single integration hub and smart synchronization capabilities. MF Connect also enables full transparency and traceability into software delivery across teams, projects and locations—using Micro Focus Lifecycle and Portfolio Management products and solutions. By doing so, customers can better mitigate risk, increase quality and speed up software delivery. Micro Focus Connect is a strategic integration and synchronization technology—provided by the Micro Focus ADM product group.

Micro Focus Connect Core is available free-of-charge to all Micro Focus customers when using to synchronize data with Micro Focus products only. Customers must have an active support and maintenance agreement.

This marketplace page contains the Core utility for enabling synchronization.
Individual connectors are available from the following Connectors AppDelivery Marketplace page.

Micro Focus Connect Core allows you to configure the information from the connector in any manner you like. Starting with an AutoMap of your information, you can quickly start synchronizing content across products, even splitting information up into more granular projects and teams. Whether it is sharing information with your Test team in the Tool of their choice, reporting on the progress of Requirements or teams managing their release backlog, the information can be shared across products, teams and configurations.

For more information, please visit our MF Connect Community site, as well as our MF Connect Education site.

For general assistance with Micro Focus Connect, please consider the following:

  • Micro Focus Connect Help and Documentation
  • Micro Focus Connect Community (Knowledgebase, Forum, Idea Exchange)
  • Micro Focus Connect On-Boarding assistance
    • Walk through the MF Connect planning guide (see above) to discover the critical information needed for sync.
      Install MF Connect
      Setup and connect to 2 Data Sources
      Map 1-2 Types (with fields & relationships from filled out planning guide) between the 2 Data Sources
      Run initial synchronization between the 2 Data Sources
      Setup critical Connect maintenance tasks
      Answer further questions regarding MF Connect capabilities
  • Micro Focus Customer Care for advanced topics, product issues and advice on migration from ALM or Octane sync to MF Connect
    • Please open a support ticket for the Micro Focus Product under maintenance that you are syncing with Micro Focus Connect and clearly mention "Micro Focus Connect" as the sub-product. Your support request will be routed to the Micro Focus Connect support team.

Minimum Requirements

Requirements can be found here.

Suggested apps

Suggested for you are based on app category, product compatibility, popularity, rating and newness. Some apps may not show based on entitlements. Learn more about entitlements.


Micro Focus Connect Core 4.4.2
476.1 MB
Apr 4, 2022
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Product compatibility
Version 12.53.16 · 12.53.17 · 12.55.4 · 12.55.5 · 12.55.6 · 12.55.7 · 12.55.8 · 12.55.9 · 12.55.10 · 12.55.11 · 12.55.12 · 12.55.13 · 12.55.25 · 12.60.4 · 12.60.3 · 12.60.35 · 12.60.47 · 12.60.60
Version 15.0.20 · 15.0.40 · 15.0.60 · 15.1.20 · 15.1.40 · 15.1.60 · 15.1.90
Version 16.0.100 · 16.0.200 · 16.0.300 · 16.0.400
Release notes

See documentation for details


Prior releases

Micro Focus Connect Core 4.4.1.HF8
32.2 MB
Dec 22, 2021
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Product compatibility
Micro Focus Connect
Version 4.4
Release notes

This Hot Fix build resolves the Log4j2 CVE-2021-45105, by upgrading the Log4j2 library to Version 2.17.0

For users of Micro Focus Connect Core 4.4.1 (and any recent Hot Fixes for 4.4.1), you should download this release and follow the installation notes provided (InstallationNotes.txt)

For users who have an older version of Micro Focus Connect Core (4.4.0 and below) it is recommended you first upgrade to 4.4.1, then follow the provided installation instructions for this release. If you are unable to upgrade to 4.4.1, please follow the recommended mitigation strategies outlined generally on this page, or those described on the Apache Log4j site.

Micro Focus Connect Core 4.4.1.HF7
32.2 MB
Dec 16, 2021
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Product compatibility
Micro Focus Connect
Version 4.4
Release notes

This Hot Fix build resolves the Log4j2 issues, CVE-2021-45046 and CVE-2021-44228, by upgrading the Log4j2 library to Version 2.16.0

For users of Micro Focus Connect Core 4.4.1 (and any recent Hot Fixes for 4.4.1), you should download this release and follow the installation notes provided (InstallationNotes.txt)

For users who have an older version of Micro Focus Connect Core (4.4.0 and below) it is recommended you first upgrade to 4.4.1, then follow the provided installation instructions for this release. If you are unable to upgrade to 4.4.1, please follow the recommended mitigation strategies outlined generally on this page, or those described on the Apache Log4j site.

Micro Focus Connect Core 4.4.1
468.0 MB
Jun 1, 2021
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Product compatibility
Version 16.0.400 · 16.0.300 · 16.0.200 · 16.0.100
Version 12.53.16 · 12.53.17 · 12.55.4 · 12.55.5 · 12.55.6 · 12.55.7 · 12.55.8 · 12.55.9 · 12.55.10 · 12.55.11 · 12.55.12 · 12.55.13 · 12.55.25 · 12.60.3 · 12.60.4 · 12.60.35 · 12.60.47 · 12.60.60
Version 15.0.20 · 15.0.40 · 15.0.60 · 15.1.20 · 15.1.40 · 15.1.60
Release notes

See documentation for details

Micro Focus Connect Core 4.4
435.3 MB
Dec 11, 2020
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Product compatibility
Version 15.1.90 · 15.1.60 · 15.0.20 · 15.0.40 · 15.0.60 · 15.1.20 · 15.1.40
Version 12.53.16 · 12.53.17 · 12.55.4 · 12.55.5 · 12.55.6 · 12.55.7 · 12.55.8 · 12.55.9 · 12.55.10 · 12.55.11 · 12.55.12 · 12.55.13 · 12.55.25 · 12.60.3 · 12.60.4 · 12.60.35 · 12.60.47 · 12.60.60
Micro Focus Connect
Version 4.4.2 · 4.4.1 · 4.3 · 4.1.0 · 4.2.0
Release notes

Known Issue: User sees this error, "Activity tree has not been cached yet.", when expanding a node in the audit tree. This happens when the user navigates to another top-level tab, and then returns to the "Connections" tab. The user will need to re-run the audit query.

Customer Server Items Fixed

  • RPI 644991, SD02669834, where identifying the set-cookie header attribute should be not be case sensitive
  • RPI 646158, SD02715699, User map tree cannot be loaded into the Connect ui. Happens when there is a large number of user maps.
  • RPI 646977, SD02765731, fixed issue with IDs for comments were conflicting with IDs of items.
  • RPI 647199, SD02777890, When translating a user field, the lookup should be case independent. When comparing two user-field values, the comparison should be case independent.
  • RPI 647401, SD02792669, For Min/Max the property was being looked up against the itemType of the assigned var instead of the type in the Min/Max argument.
  • RPI 1121279, SD02768769, SyncCriteria changes.
  • RPI 1120992, SD02746166, Fixed an issue preventing the use of allowed syntax '->' in Calculated Value.
  • RPI 1120505, SD02705256, prevent comments from being bi-directionly synchronized if the direction of the mapping is one-way.
  • RPI SD02709922, Items are not being synced when switching to bi-directional. The issue comes about when there are 2 type mappings for the same types.
  • RPI 646531 Customer sees error: "Content cannot contain Html tags." when trying to save a connection.
  • RPI 646277 to property evaluate IsModified in calculated values

Server Updates

  • When expanding or collapsing the user map tree, do not select the first node in the tree.
  • Clicking save on a empty user map is not displaying the appropriate message.
  • Relationship change to "Relate to All types" is not detected. Save button was not enabled after applying "Relate to All types".
  • Cannot save changes to user maps.
  • When there are connections setup that have 2 or more of the same type on either master or target sides, the audit will only show hits for the first type found.
  • User is able to submit a new data source with leading and trailing spaces in the name. This will cause an error from the server: "Content Cannot contain HTML Tags".
  • Removed edit button for Type Mappings using Common Projects. Editing the Type Mappings for Common Projects is not supported.
  • Creating a connection with data sources that are used in a running connection cause a 500 error.
  • The UI will show 'Inherit' instead of the correct direction arrow image, when creating a new connection. The wizard will show the default direction for the last row selected in the connection grid, when creating a new connection.
  • When a import fails. Add to failure message: See server logs for detailed error information. Always return a JSON object that contains detailed error information. Display the error information to the user, if an error occurs on the server.
  • DateTime comparison no longer uses milliseconds (improving comparison between products that may or may not have milliseconds)
  • Ensure empty string and null are handled similarly
  • add support for retrieving the label of an enum in a calculatedValue by specifying .label as the suffix of the enum property
  • Added per connection logging
  • Changes to a data source properties can result in losing Type and Relationship Model customizations.
  • Provide additional arguments in maintenance jar commands to allow for finding with a filter of connection, type, and errors
  • Per item skip and abort details were not included in audit data, they are now included
  • Calculated values should allow the user to specify the type label as well as the type name
  • When if an add item operation fails, a more descriptive error is displayed in the iteration messages
  • Audit results are not displaying delete actions.
  • Improved information available in connection messages for abort add/update failures.
  • Set Associated Id in audit for Octane comment update
  • Some skipped and aborted exceptions do not make it into the audit data. User does not have any information on what is happening (why items are not being synced).
  • Multiple Connect server threads writing to a web socket session at the same time will throw this exception: "java.lang.IllegalStateException: The remote endpoint was in state [TEXT_FULL_WRITING] which is an invalid state for called method".
  • Issue where post-create operation prevented recording of relationship between items
  • Data source and type properties can have, valid use, characters that do not pass the security restrictions in MF Connect.
  • An HTTP 500 is thrown when mapping a field name that does not pass the sanitize rules. In Jira, it is valid to have a field name like: "Date & Time".
  • When there are connections setup that have 2 or more of the same type on either master or target sides, the audit will only show hits for the first type found.
  • If a criteria tree with 'Not' operators exist, throw a DisableConnectionException if the 'Not' node has more than one child node.
  • Improved reliability when synchronizing 1 target project to 2 source projects, specifically when relations between sync items is concerned.
  • To add support for retrieving the label of an enum in a calculatedValue, add support for "this" as a value in calculated values, add support for calculated value operators using HTML properties.
  • Improve sanitize logging and fix known problems with whitespace. 100% unit test coverage of the sanitizeText method.
  • dbFix update, remove trailing and leading spaces from datasource, synchronization, projectmap, valuemap, calculatedvalue and synccriterianode.
  • Issues with re-use of cached data source details when configuring items in the UI

Service Now Connector

  • updated ServiceNowItem.setField() to handle null/empty value.
  • Fix ServiceNow 403 errors.
  • Improved service now performance by increasing chunk retrieval size

Dimensions CM Connector

  • RPI 1120388, NPE caused by incomplete submissions are now handled.
  • The connector is not utilizing the onForceExit() ability. Implemented the functionality for shut-down performance.

Rally Connector

  • RPI 647426, SD02794295 - Rally Connector fails with error - err=type=Milestone, fieldname=Project does not match any. The method RallyDataPool.getMovedFromProjects() wrongly assumed all items have a field named "Project". Now, this method returns an empty list if any item doesn't have a field named "Project".
  • RPI 1121038, SD02751477, updated README to describe workaround for the milestones problem. User will need to add a relationship in the dataSource for milestones field to work correctly.
  • RPI 1121247 to prevent recurisve call for sync criteria in more general cases
  • The "State" field is required and cannot have value "None".
  • Add milestone link and milestone name to Rally connector. Types supporting milestone are defect, defectsuite, feature, initiative, testcase, testset and story.
  • Handle image errors which occur after updating properties to insure we don't attempt to repeat property updates.
  • issue with with using isDescendant in sync criteria

Octane Connector

  • RPI 647570, SD02798413, If one attachment fails to sync (e.g. content blacklisted), subsequent attachments should succeed.
  • RPI 647300, SD02769328, For a user field or a String field that is a team, if the value can't be resolved in the list of valid choices, throw AbortSyncItemException.
  • RPI 646977, SD02765731, fixed issue with IDs for comments were conflicting with IDs of items.
  • RPI 646952, SD02763991, Performance improvement, only fetch attachments if needed
  • RPI 646121, SD02714620, Fixed connection issues.
  • Fix connect shifting dates with one day in edge case time zones.
  • Fixed issues detecting attachment MimeTypes
  • Fix Story Points not being clearable.
  • Removed interpretation of 403 as Not Authorized logic because 403 can be more than that
  • Fix issues when user information in Octane doesn't have all values.
  • Fixed issues retrieving large sets of teams and users
  • Fix issues when clearing datetime fields.
  • When setting empty values in the AppModuleTree property it should clear the field value.
  • Improved reporting of phase field errors to account for additional errors from Octane
  • Fixed clearing a string field.
  • If an octane relationship for a item field is missing then generate a useful error and disable the connection.
  • Updated readme to discuss syncing requirementItems and requirementFolders
  • Improved handling of parent and relationship fields.
  • Octane multi-user fields now supported.
  • Added support for Program type and ProgramName field
  • Add support for Milestone type and MilestoneName field
  • Issues with block and blocked reason
  • The Octane syncable fields for Task does not show the 'story' property as required. A Octane Task requires a parent Story. The Connect UI does not show the 'story' property in the red color.
  • Setting a date property is one day off. The "closed_on" date is one day off.
  • Issues related to syncing 1 target project to 2 Octane projects.

ALM Connector

  • RPI 647165, SD02774623, Added support for providing default values for all types of fields that are required. For enums in localized versions, the first enum is selected as the default. Also fixed issue with recognizing Float properties.
  • RPI 647190, SD02756779, when creating an item, if the attachments can't be fetched, fixed issue where a duplicate item in ALM was being created
  • RPI 646977, SD02765731, fixed issue with IDs for comments were conflicting with IDs of items.
  • RPI 1121020, SD02749712, Added funcionality to include Date syncCriteria into item query strings. Assumed the most common case is to add "creation-time" to the query which is a Date. This will allow us to e.g. only sync items with creation-time > 2020-01-01. This will greatly improve performance at some customers. Use label "Creation Date" instead of "Creation Time". Also include syncCriteria terms in the getChangedIdsSince method. Lastly, updated pageSize to 1000 to improve performance.
  • RPI 645933, SD02707057, Fix for multiple connections being open when synchronizations are more than 15m apart.
  • RPI 1120866, SD02735947, Null pointer exception when the name of a "Test Parent Folder ID" has been nulled in the HPALM database.
  • RPI 1120899, Handle ALM/QC HTML comment formatting during syncronization.
  • updated exception handling in case where item has been persisted on the server, but subsequent action fails
  • Improved XML parser security. Fixed an edge case Locale string comparison error.
  • ensure that getItemVersion returns a valid version string. Fixes an issue where duplicates where created.
  • fixed isSyncable issue and getParent issue.
  • skip dead embedded image links without bubbling up exception. With this change, if a comment text contains a deadLink (unfetchable URL), the resulting commentText will continue to contain the deadLink. The previous code would bubble up an exception and prevent other comments from syncing.
  • Fixed caching problem related to attachments.
  • fixed authentication session issue
  • ALM 500 server error.
  • Fixed 401 errors accessing ALM/QC

AccuWork Connector

  • Improve connector validation to require getSyncableFields to return an ID property and URL if they are defined in the Type data
Micro Focus Connect Core 4.3.6
354.0 MB
Oct 26, 2020
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Product compatibility
Micro Focus Connect
Version 4.4.2 · 4.4.1 · 4.3 · 4.1.0 · 4.2.0
Release notes


RPI 646851 - SD02767486 - Items continuously updating even when there are no changes (when using isModified criteria)

RPI 646977 - SD02765731 - MFConnect unable to distinguish between comment and item IDs - IDs overlap


RPI 646977 - SD02765731 - MFConnect unable to distinguish between comment and item IDs - IDs overlap

RPI 1120866 - SD02735947 - Null Pointer Exception in ALM/QC Connector @ ALMTreeParser.treeParser

RPI 1120899 - SD02738358 - ALM/QC Comment Parser loses historical comments

RPI 647190 - SD02756779 - ALM/QC - Azure DevOps - Duplicates created in ALM/QC during synchronisation

Improved performance when filtering on parent items


RPI 1121038 - SD02751477, updated README to describe workaround for the milestones problem.


RPI 646977 - SD02765731 - MFConnect unable to distinguish between comment and item IDs - IDs overlap

RPI 646952 - SD02763991 - Performance improvement, only fetch attachments if needed during isSimilar determination

Micro Focus Connect Core 4.3.5
353.2 MB
Jul 23, 2020
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Product compatibility
Micro Focus Connect
Version 4.4.2 · 4.4.1 · 4.3 · 4.1.0 · 4.2.0
Release notes

Known Issues (currently open)

SD02677500 - Syncing comment from Azure Dev Ops to ALM Octane causes defect to be created from comment

SD02705256 - Comments sync bi-directionally even though configured uni-directionally

SD02732907 - Jira Board with project name in query instead of key throws AbortConnectionIterationException

SD02732907 - Jira Project with large number (57K+) of issues runs out of memory

SD03231220 - Jira Single List and MultiList default values should allow None

In addition the following items are also being targeted for the next hotfix. SD02709922,SD02707224,SD02731728,SD02732305,SD02718737,SD02701008 and RPI 1120772

Additional Notes:

  • The "Advanced Tab" for type mappings will be removed in the next release. Any entries in the "Tab" should be moved to the "Property Mapping" page.
  • Existing problem in the OctaneSDK causes MFConnect to fail when synchronizing attachments with non-ascii names.
    • A work around for this problem is to perform the following steps:
      • Go to C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Connect\WebServer\bin
      • Copy tomcat8w.exe as ConnectWebServerw.exe
      • Launch ConnectWebServerw.exe (alternatively, start tomcat8w //ES/ConnectWebServer)
      • Go to the "Java" tab
      • In the "Java Options" append to the end argument list the following, every statement should be on a new line: -Dfile.encoding=UTF8


  • Fixed issue with error log incorrect reporting errors about converting text into a date
  • Improved logging of fields to make multi-valued fields more obvious
  • Introduce relationship type 'ALL_TYPES' to simplify usage and reduce data storage
  • Fix issues where common http calls were not using UTF-8
  • Improve performance when clearing watermarks
  • Fixed issue with command line rest client when using -installCert, no longer requires port but allows 443 as default if not provided
  • Updated command line rest client to include reporting which fields are unique fields in a data source by type
  • When import fails, ui notes need to refer to logs, and there is included additional resolution information in logs
  • Changed message when timeout occurs in ui from 'SERVER NOT RUNNING' message to 'SERVER NOT RESPONDING' (server is running, but a timeout occurred)
  • When user changes configuration in connection from common projects to specific projects and has synced, wasn't clear what the user needed to do. Changed message with additional details.
  • Updated maintenance tool to detect additional problem cases (and ability to fix)
  • When changing data source types after the data source was create, the changes weren't kept
  • When using Calculated value field values like 'My->Other->something' the product can throw an error if the 'Other' item doesn't exist. Accounted for cases where these items are not available.
  • Don't throw exception if configured to not allow adds, generate a useful message instead.
  • Fixed issue exporting Cross Reference XML when processing UTF-8 characters.
  • Updated command line maintenance jar to provide connection details, as well as the internal syncset configuration details (used by support and internal teams when investigating issues)
  • Fixed issue where product connectors generated item versions of incorrect length
  • Fixed issue with Calculated values without "when" criteria set, they fail when referencing items on both sides.
  • Fixed ui configuration issue causing two ui threads to use the same connector
  • Fixed issue where adding items that are similar on both sides instead get considered for other operations before associating the items
  • Calculated Value logic failed to find item using "isDescendantOf" when a field contains a list of items (vs single item)
  • Don't allow a connection to continue if Calculated Values encounters unmapped type
  • Fixed issue where automap would incorrectly process type specific field items (skipping some and including others)
  • Fixed issue where items would be ignored and not synced due to item on the other side not visible (and then becomes visible would not result in sync)
  • Added ability on synced projects to reassign new project instead (if for example a project got renamed)

ALM/QC Connector

  • Updated data source functionality for cases when folder for tests and requirements are large sets of data, list is now trimmed (with an indicator in list to that effect)
  • Updated readMe.txt to notify users that they can substitute client id/secret for username/password when connecting to ALM
  • Fixed 401 error when syncing large quantities of items in ALM
  • Fixed a defect where an attachment on a requirement in ALM would cause later comments for that requirement to erase all previous comments
  • Reduced active connections in ALM when syncing
  • Fixed bug where the connector was modifying fields (mapped and unmapped ) having "&" character and replacing them with "@amp;"
  • Fix xml encoding syncing to ALM which would cause problems when including restricted xml characters
  • ALM Connector incorrectly reported items as deleted, when it isn't able to validate this information
  • Fixed issue with ALM Connector causing it to not advance the watermark
  • Add requirement that ALM comment contains visible charactors. Update doc to be more explicit on required format for comments.
  • Fixed issue with carriage returns embedded in comments
  • Fixed issue parsing Date/Time entries in ALM
  • Fixed performance issue when watermark does not move forward
  • Improved comment date and user parsing
  • Fixed issues identifying types when users have changed the type labels

Octane Connector

  • Fixed problem with non-ascii attachment names.
  • Fixed problem finding item parent when syncing multiple projects in the same connection. Octane can only consider items in same project (workspace) as parents
  • Fixed issues syncing comments that have empty text
  • Fixed issue when using the Connector as an Authenticator for MF Connect and using a complex URL
  • Fixed issue detecting changes in the Application Modules
  • Improved cases where creating an Octane Item fails due to incorrect phase value, where possible report that phase value back to the user (in Audit table)
  • Improved recovery and handling of 401 errors allowing the connection to be restarted
  • Added additional field, 'AppModuleTree' which represents a 'path' to the module, syncing (instead of application modules) allows users to have names that are the same under different parents.
  • Upgraded to 15.0.60 of the Octane SDK, which addresses some SDK memory consumption issues

Rally Connector

  • In Rally connector, updated type feature so that milestones can be retrieved (as read only)

Silk Central Test Manager

  • Updated library dependencies
  • Updated to address issue where 'getLastChangedTimestamp' would cause an error.
  • Fixed issue that would prevent using criteria to separate requirements into different groups, but still maintain relationships
  • Connector should now handle forced exit gracefully (and allow for improved starting and stopping of connections)
  • Added Issue Manager issues to connector
    • (merged with assigned test issues, same issue only once and merge of issue data)
  • Fixed and improved requirements
    • (risk and priority as enum, support of date property)
  • Changed login and use sid for all calls instead of user/password
  • Updated data source properties
    • Renamed "Sample Project" to "Project", must be the same in connection and only one if custom properties are used
    • Report Ids are now optional (they exist internally with SC 20.6) and only are required if some custom one should overwrite it

SBM Connector

Fixed documentation issues with incorrect library bundles being referenced

Micro Focus Connect Core 4.3.1-HF1
326.8 MB
May 22, 2020
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Product compatibility
Micro Focus Connect
Version 4.4.2 · 4.4.1 · 4.3 · 4.1.0 · 4.2.0
Release notes

NOTE: After installing you will be required to change the Administrator password.

  • Core
    • Added password handling and requirements for complex passwords, enforcing and restricting password structure
    • Connect users are required to change their passwords upon logging in for the first time.
    • Strict password requirements are inforced by the change password dialog.
    • Improved performance when saving datasource
    • Improved performance when saving connections
    • Improved performance when running audit, use existing field labels instead of querying products
    • Improved startup performance when collecting recent audit information
    • Improved comparisons when syncing different fields of Single value to Multi-value
    • Fixed issue with incorrect error message in the UI when the Connect login fails
    • Improve application security with respect to authentication bypass attacks
    • Updated common library used by several connectors to respect Java proxy configuration (e.g. http.proxyHost, http.proxyPort http.nonProxyHosts)
    • Fixed an issue where updating datasources changes the available types, new ids were assigned incorrectly
    • Fixed issues with import and export operations where they would inject incorrect data
    • Improved log messages when import operations fail
    • Improved messages in the Connect CLI usage when encrypting passwords, or running backup operations
    • Improved messaging when saving a data source causes internal errors
    • Fixed issues with empty criteria values
    • Fixed error message specifying incorrect destination setting on clear
    • Fix issues that would prevent automap of user defined properties if automap of type was overridden by user
    • Reduce number of per-item messages that show up in connection messages tab
    • Added messaging when user maps change to let the user know existing connections should be restarted to see the changes
    • Fixed issue that prevented choice list value from being edited in the UI
  • Alm/QC Connector
    • The connector previously had a fixed set of "types" matching the type labels, which can cause problems with other languages, changed to improve support for detecting types and their labels in non-english languages.
    • Updated fields syncing for releases on update, resolving issues ver-stamp field
    • Improved attachment and image processing for description field
    • Improved handling of images in richtext fields in general
    • Updated the connector so that it respects the java proxy configuration (e.g. http.proxyHost, http.proxyPort http.nonProxyHosts)
    • Improved comment mapping with respect to additonal HTML tags like DIV and P
  • Octane Connector
    • Improved reporting of invalid phase values when creating an item
    • Fixed issues when datasource API client id doesn't have access to workspace, now fails with additional details.
    • Improved recovery when API client access to Octane returns 401 errors, allowing restart of connection
    • Fixed issues related to ZonedDateTime/Date conversions
  • Rally Connector
    • Fixed issues where the Rally connector was returning inconsistent lists of Items in fields containing "Types" of items like Stories or Defects
  • SCTM Connector
    • Fixed issues with Silk Central connector not filtering items based on criteria
Micro Focus Connect Core 4.3.0
326.1 MB
Apr 1, 2020
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Product compatibility
Micro Focus Connect
Version 4.4.2 · 4.4.1 · 4.3 · 4.1.0 · 4.2.0
Release notes

README: Updated all connector readme library entries to reflect the recent Apache location changes


  • Added linux installation package
  • Updated value map layout in connections to improve performance with large value maps.
  • Added ability to sync comment style fields for ALM/QC, Atlassian Jira, ALM Octane and AzureDevOps
  • Fixed issue when projects have the same name on both sides of a connection
  • Fixed issues parsing UTF-8 characters
  • Improved data in audit view, allowing for more data to be acessed without filtering
  • Improved connect messages, providing more process information
  • Updated user interface to refresh the connection status, connection messages and chart information while running
  • Fixed issue with proxy setup when not using a user/password
  • Fixed issues with attachments using UTF-8 characters in their names
  • Fixed issue when importing cross references
  • Improved database handling of import with large datasets
  • Fixed issue in the ui 'Check for connector updates', now correctly shows current versions and versions available on the marketplace
  • Renamed "Refresh server data" to "Flush Server Cache"
  • Improved performance when stopping and editing connections
  • Disabled automatic refresh of field labels in the UI (user can do this manually via the connection menu)
  • Fix issue with trying to encode passwords that are already encoded, on import.
  • Improved connection status reporting during execution
  • Added basic roles for controlling which users can configure general Micro Focus Connect options
  • Fixed bug when exporting configuration information to indicate correct version
  • Added additional calculated value functionality to allow finding of specific item types
  • When create is disabled and connect attempts to create, it now logs an error
  • Changed instanceof when processing multiple values. If any entry in the set of values is an instanceof the specified type, returns true
  • Improved info level logging to reduce noisy entries
  • Improved iteration messages and duration reporting
  • Fixed issues which prevented sync from recovering an item that it failed to delete, that should have instead been considered for update
  • Added additonal transformations between data types (for example enums to booleans)
  • Fixed issue where users couldn't type field names in calculated value fields · Add ability to trim or purge audit data for a connection. All iterations more than one month old will be deleted. · Improve prompt for user credentials on restart

Command Line Client

  • Add ability to get datasources, connections
  • Add ability to trim jira types based on connections automatically (improving performance of Jira DataSources and Connections with large amounts of unused types)
  • Added ability to use installcert from behind a proxy

ALM/QC Connector

  • Added ability to re-use ALM/QC datasource with multiple workspaces
  • Added ability to use the ALM/QC as an Authenticator
  • Added support for Comment Syncing
  • Fixed issue when an attachment name contains non-ascii chars
  • Updated readme to describe algorithm used to determine default test/req/release folders.
  • Update readme to reflect support of ALM 15
  • Fixed issue where Requirement Type was a string (now represented as an enum)

Octane Connector

  • Added support for Comment Syncing
  • Added ability to turn on comment deletion for the Connect API Key
  • Improved logging when first discovering what workspaces are accessible
  • Improve messaging when Octane returns http 502 and 403 errors
  • Fixed issues with Application Modules when syncing multiple workspaces
  • Updated 'team' field to be represented as an enum
  • Fixed code page issues accessing Octane data

Jira Connector

  • Updated library locations to newer Apache site
  • Added support for Comment Syncing
  • Added additional relationship support options
  • Add support to use Atlassian wiki renderer for additional wiki to html support
  • Added support to link fixVersions (Releases) with addtional issue types
  • Improve performance of jira connector by limiting types and relationships (as defined by the user)
  • Improved configuration and synchronization first time sync performance related to large numbers of projects and boards
  • Added labels on field displays
  • Fix issues related to user field mappings with Jira Cloud Versions
  • Added support for custom multicheckboxes

* See release notes of Connector downloads for additional updates

Micro Focus Connect Core 4.2.0 HF1
210.1 MB
Nov 25, 2019
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Product compatibility
Micro Focus Connect
Version 4.4.2 · 4.4.1 · 4.3 · 4.1.0 · 4.2.0
Release notes

4.2.0 HF1 Release Notes

NOTE: If you have downloaded connector jars to fix specific issues, the installer will not replace these files. Once you have installed connect you should stop your connect service, navigate to the connector directories and remove older duplicate connector jars (typically same name but earlier versions), then restart the service.

NOTE: If you wish to setup Tomcat with https and secure passwords, an additional encryption jar, client jar for encrypting password and instructions are provided as additional downloads with instructions. The mfcFullRestClient.jar, mfcTomcatExt*.jar and SecuringTomcatPassword.txt are additional materials to aid the secure setup.

  • Updates
    • Fixed issue when attachments have very short names
    • Added system proxy variable support in common http util (used by several connectors)
    • Fixed issue in http update util related to Nonascii characters
    • Fixed issues in export/import of connect data, incorrect xml content version caused errors with reading exported data.
    • Fixed issues in syncrules where it could not correctly get related types
    • Fixed bug when logging information in add operations
    • Fixed parsing bugs in SyncRules CalculatedValue fields
    • Fixed bugs related to import/export of item cross reference ids
    • Fixed issues in SyncRules referring to enum values
    • Fixed automap issues that prevented enum identification if the field wasn't automapped
    • Improved server performance configuring connections related to Octane, ALM and Jira connectors
    • Fixed import issues related to SyncRules.
    • Fixed ability in UI to tab between fields on the login screen

The Server command line client (mfcFullRestClient.jar) now has support for getting enums

  • mfcConnectorAlm Updates
    • Updated documentation regarding default values
    • Changed ALM connector sync operation, don't set a default value for a propery if it isn't a required property
    • Fixed issue when attachments have very short names
    • Fixed issue related to setting aside retrieved attachments
    • Fixed issue related to timeout retrieving numerous attachments
    • Fixed issue with ALM rest calls containing '+' symbol
    • Fixed issue with ALM SSO setup not redirecting correcly
    • Fixed issues with non-ascii attachment names
    • Fixed issues with ALM relationships missing source/target information
    • Updated ALM http connection, when used in one iteration mode release the connection when done
    • Improved performance configuring ALM related Connections
    • Fix issues where errors reported in delete and create, but not communicated back to UI
    • Fix issues where datasource fields are not required, but not being set prevents the connection from starting
    • Fix issues configuring ALM datasource when ALM information is missing
    • Fix issues where default parent is not set correctly when no value was provided
  • mfcConnectorOctane Updates
    • Fixed issues with special characters in client secret
    • Update readme with additional details regarding the linked_items1 and linked_items2 fields in Octane
    • Improved performance configuring Octane related Connections
    • Fixed issues with Quality Story preventing relationship fields from being mappable
    • Updated to allow the user to decide what user representation (email or other) is used in user fields
    • Updated to improve error reporting when Octane sends back different types of errors
    • Fixed issue when attachments have very short names
    • Add support for team field
    • Updated to improve error message when proxy value has the wrong format

Micro Focus Connect Core 4.2.0
180.8 MB
Sep 20, 2019
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Product compatibility
Micro Focus Connect
Version 4.2.0
Release notes

NOTE: If you are upgrading Micro Focus Connect Core you should uninstall the previous version and reboot before installing. This resolves an issue with prior installations that could cause the JRE to be removed during the upgrade process.

Uninstalling the old version will not remove your Micro Focus Connect Core configuration files, those will remain on disk and be upgraded even though Micro Focus Connect Core was removed.

  • Added support for cross project relationships for Jira.
  • Added unique concept for handling existing data. If a field being mapped is considered unique and has the same value in both products, automatically relate the items
  • Added SyncRules, a combination of SyncCriteria and Calculated Values per project. Added 'Is Empty', 'Is New' and 'Is Modified' concepts
  • Added project as a mappable field
  • Added ability to see if there are updated connectors available on the MarketPlace
  • Fixed UI hang related to stalled Connection (due to error) and user interaction with other Connections
  • Fixed issue retrieving Audit Data on recent running iteration
  • Added unique field support. When syncing entities that have a unique field mapped allows relating entities automatically
  • Improved mapping of enumerated fields, when multiple enums mapped to same value, indicate the value that will be used. Make it easier to map additional enums
  • Improved indication when a connector cannot be configured and prevent this from blocking other connectors
  • Improve performance when creating and editing datasources

ALM Connector

  • NOTE: The ALM Connector cannot be used with ALM Release 15.0 that is using Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Fixed performance issue setting up datasource when user has large number of requirements in project
  • Fixed issue mapping target release field
  • Added support for required field indication
  • Fixed issue parsing test folders
  • Added support of requirement name field as unique field

Octane Connector

  • Added 'Application Module' field support
  • Added requirement support
  • Added support for required field indication
  • Added support for multiple workspaces within a single connection
  • Added support for additional relationships between entities
  • Added support for stories of type 'Quality Story'

RM Connector

  • Fixed issues with detecting changes

Hub (StarTeam) Connector

  • Added support for default values in fields (if synchronizing would use null and a default value exists, use it instead)

AzureDevOps Connector

  • Fix issue when user maps a type, then disables the type in Azure DevOps

Jira Connector

  • Added support for linked issues of any type and across projects
  • Fixed issue when getting boards for datasource
  • Updated to support jeditor as rich text editor
  • Improved sprint relationship support
  • Improved datasource setup when system has a lot of projects and boards
  • Improved jira session reuse
  • Added support for required field indication
  • Added version and fixVersion field support
  • Added epic and sprint relationships

ServiceNow Connector

  • Fixed performance issue with datasource setup
Micro Focus Connect Core 4.1.0
182.7 MB
Jun 21, 2019
More info Less info
Product compatibility
Version 12.60.60 · 12.60.47 · 12.53.16 · 12.53.17 · 12.55.4 · 12.55.5 · 12.55.6 · 12.55.7 · 12.55.8 · 12.55.9 · 12.55.10 · 12.55.11 · 12.55.12 · 12.55.13 · 12.55.25 · 12.60.3 · 12.60.35
Release notes
  • Improved html image screen comparison for fields
  • Added phased datasource creation, improve ability to create datasources by showing values once connected to servers as choices
  • Improved logging with structured objects for fields
  • Added connector readme information as help when working with datasources
  • Added label support for product, fields, enums to make it easier to configure mappings
  • Fixed issue when running audit on running connection (wouldn't display last iteration)
  • Fixed issue when comparing empty RichText with RichText containing no body content
  • Fixed issue where connection wouldn't start because a field contains a type that isn't mapped (but does contain others)
  • Updated automap logic with additional types and fields
  • Add ability to export / import crossreference values (and modify them)
  • Fixed issue where audit wouldn't show associated item id
  • Add URL as a mappable field for all entities
  • Fix issues where log indicates email configuration errors, but email isn't configured
  • Add online documetation
  • Improved filtering when mapping fields, as well as specifying direction automatically if mapping read only fields

AccuWork Connector

  • Fixed issue with mapping trans_num field

ALM Connector

  • Added phased datasource support
  • Added attachment support
  • Fixed bugs when mapping relationship fields

Octane Connector

  • Added phased datasource support
  • Added ability to specify a default release to use when syncing new sprints

CA Agile Connector

  • Added automapping of Feature

Silk Central Test Manager Connector

  • Fixed issue when adding an item that is a parent of another item (failed to apply both changes)

ServiceNow Connector

  • Added RichText field support

Hub Connector

  • Improved error handling when connector fails to reach Hub Server

Azure DevOps Connector

  • Added phased datasource support
  • Fixed new line issues with RichText fields
  • Added support for sub types of projects
  • Refactored Connector to no longer depend on Microsoft TFS SDK
Micro Focus Connect Core 4.0
185.9 MB
Apr 30, 2019
More info Less info
Product compatibility
Version 12.60.60 · 12.60.47 · 12.53.16 · 12.53.17 · 12.55.4 · 12.55.5 · 12.55.6 · 12.55.7 · 12.55.8 · 12.55.9 · 12.55.10 · 12.55.11 · 12.55.12 · 12.55.13 · 12.55.25 · 12.60.3 · 12.60.35
Release notes

** Update on May 10 2019 to correct install / configuration issue.

ALM Octane Connector

Micro Focus Connect now includes a BETA version of an Octane Connector, see the readme in the Octane

connector directory for more details.

Email Connector Enhancements

Fixed bug in reading Gmail messages.

ALM Connector Enhancements

• Fixed a UI issue where duplicate fields would show up in the Connection mapping.

• Fixed bugs regarding field name encoding in double byte languages.

Rally Connector Enhancements

• Added support for read-only multi-valued enums.

• Fixed bug when syncing release values that are null.

• Fixed bug in moving an item and updating other fields at the same time.

• Added support for custom fields in projects.

• Improved overall memory and synchronization performance.

• Fixed a UI issue where duplicate fields would show up in the Connection mapping.

• Fixed bug in detecting deleted items when the user has configured a datasource using a workspace that

is not their default workspace.

• Fixed bug with id property, should be read-only (otherwise can cause improper mappings).

Silk Central Connector Enhancements

• Fixed a UI issue where duplicate fields would show up in the Connection mapping.

• Added sample project to datasource configuration to support lookup of custom fields.

ServiceNow Connector Enhancements

• The ServiceNow connector now supports agile assets, and projects.

• Fixed bug where duplicate enum values would be seen in the UI.

• Improved sync performance for configurations with sync criteria.

• Fixed bug with user and group names in fields.

Hub Connector Enhancements

• When comparing versions to see differences, includes millisecond precision.

• Fixed bug when syncing attachments that have very short names.

• Fixed bug with attachments using the wrong extension.

• Improved detection of trace changes.

General Enhancements

• Improved comparison of rich text fields to reduce update frequency.

• Expanded and updated Audit functionality: Now allows users to query data beyond the last 7 days.

• Improved Rally and Hub move logic to include and correct cases where products might have failed to

move items.

• When clearing watermarks, also clears versions of items so that they can be compared.

• Compare items if their versions change after prior failures.

• Add ability in the UI to run a connection just once, and then stop.

• Allow users to copy/paste audit information in the UI.

• Improve audit records, capture additional failure states and report them back to the user.

• Tomcat security updates impact items that contain '/'. Updated communication methods so that users

don't have to change Tomcat.

• Updated audit to indicate specific fields that may have caused the failure.

• Enhanced automap functionality when mapping types to prefer case-insensitive names before checking

similar names.

• Updated the UI for user fields, to indicate to the user that the field should use the user map instead of

the value map.

• Improved startup performance for Connect systems with lots of recent sync data.

• Fixed bug where errors indicating need to restart connection were not handled.

• Added chart view for queried audit records.

• Improved audit of added items: Record information about the item causing the create.

• Updated the connection messages in the UI, to include more information when a connection cannot be


• Updated lists to be sorted in the UI.



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