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Micro Focus Connect Core is a synchronization technology that provides data and relationship synch between products across the software / DevOps lifecycle. With Connect, teams can achieve tighter communication while stakeholders gain greater transparency.


Micro Focus Connect Core is a data synchronization technology that provides data and relationship synchronization between products across the software development / DevOps lifecycle. It is available in two different editions - a utility (this item - Micro Focus Connect Core) and an enterprise commercial product for purchase (Micro Focus Connect). This Marketplace page contains the Core utility for enabling synchronization. Individual connectors are available from the Micro Focus Connect Connectors marketplace page.

Micro Focus Connect Core allows you configure the information from this connector any way you like. Starting with an AutoMap of your information, you can quickly start synchronizing content across products, even splitting information up into more granular projects and teams.

Whether its sharing information with your Test team in the Tool of their choice, reporting on the progress of Requirements or teams managing their release backlog, the information can be shared across products, teams, and configurations.

Please visit our connector community.

NOTE: Micro Focus Connect Core is available at no additional charge for customers on active maintenance (for each connected Micro Focus product). When the Micro Focus product being synchronized is no longer under paid maintenance, Micro Focus Connect Core is no longer free to use. The commercial Micro Focus Connect product can be purchased to synchronize products no longer under an active maintenance agreement.

Minimum Requirements

Web Browsers

Google Chrome 35+

Mozilla Firefox 30+

Internet Explorer 10+

Operating Systems (Micro Focus Connect only provides a 64-bit installation)

Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

Microsoft Windows Server 2012

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (64-bit)


64-bit, quad-core systems with 8-16GB of memory (recommended)


Micro Focus Connect Core 4.2.0
180.8 MB
Sep 20, 2019
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Product compatibility
Micro Focus Connect
Version 4.2.0
Release notes

NOTE: If you are upgrading Micro Focus Connect Core you should uninstall the previous version and reboot before installing. This resolves an issue with prior installations that could cause the JRE to be removed during the upgrade process.

Uninstalling the old version will not remove your Micro Focus Connect Core configuration files, those will remain on disk and be upgraded even though Micro Focus Connect Core was removed.

  • Added support for cross project relationships for Jira.
  • Added unique concept for handling existing data. If a field being mapped is considered unique and has the same value in both products, automatically relate the items
  • Added SyncRules, a combination of SyncCriteria and Calculated Values per project. Added 'Is Empty', 'Is New' and 'Is Modified' concepts
  • Added project as a mappable field
  • Added ability to see if there are updated connectors available on the MarketPlace
  • Fixed UI hang related to stalled Connection (due to error) and user interaction with other Connections
  • Fixed issue retrieving Audit Data on recent running iteration
  • Added unique field support. When syncing entities that have a unique field mapped allows relating entities automatically
  • Improved mapping of enumerated fields, when multiple enums mapped to same value, indicate the value that will be used. Make it easier to map additional enums
  • Improved indication when a connector cannot be configured and prevent this from blocking other connectors
  • Improve performance when creating and editing datasources

ALM Connector

  • NOTE: The ALM Connector cannot be used with ALM Release 15.0 that is using Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Fixed performance issue setting up datasource when user has large number of requirements in project
  • Fixed issue mapping target release field
  • Added support for required field indication
  • Fixed issue parsing test folders
  • Added support of requirement name field as unique field

Octane Connector

  • Added 'Application Module' field support
  • Added requirement support
  • Added support for required field indication
  • Added support for multiple workspaces within a single connection
  • Added support for additional relationships between entities
  • Added support for stories of type 'Quality Story'

RM Connector

  • Fixed issues with detecting changes

Hub (StarTeam) Connector

  • Added support for default values in fields (if synchronizing would use null and a default value exists, use it instead)

AzureDevOps Connector

  • Fix issue when user maps a type, then disables the type in Azure DevOps

Jira Connector

  • Added support for linked issues of any type and across projects
  • Fixed issue when getting boards for datasource
  • Updated to support jeditor as rich text editor
  • Improved sprint relationship support
  • Improved datasource setup when system has a lot of projects and boards
  • Improved jira session reuse
  • Added support for required field indication
  • Added version and fixVersion field support
  • Added epic and sprint relationships

ServiceNow Connector

  • Fixed performance issue with datasource setup
Micro Focus Connect Core 4.1.0
182.7 MB
Jun 21, 2019
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Product compatibility
ALM Octane
Version 12.60.47 · 12.53.16 · 12.53.17 · 12.55.4 · 12.55.5 · 12.55.6 · 12.55.7 · 12.55.8 · 12.55.9 · 12.55.10 · 12.55.11 · 12.55.12 · 12.55.13 · 12.55.25 · 12.60.3 · 12.60.35
Release notes
  • Improved html image screen comparison for fields
  • Added phased datasource creation, improve ability to create datasources by showing values once connected to servers as choices
  • Improved logging with structured objects for fields
  • Added connector readme information as help when working with datasources
  • Added label support for product, fields, enums to make it easier to configure mappings
  • Fixed issue when running audit on running connection (wouldn't display last iteration)
  • Fixed issue when comparing empty RichText with RichText containing no body content
  • Fixed issue where connection wouldn't start because a field contains a type that isn't mapped (but does contain others)
  • Updated automap logic with additional types and fields
  • Add ability to export / import crossreference values (and modify them)
  • Fixed issue where audit wouldn't show associated item id
  • Add URL as a mappable field for all entities
  • Fix issues where log indicates email configuration errors, but email isn't configured
  • Add online documetation
  • Improved filtering when mapping fields, as well as specifying direction automatically if mapping read only fields

AccuWork Connector

  • Fixed issue with mapping trans_num field

ALM Connector

  • Added phased datasource support
  • Added attachment support
  • Fixed bugs when mapping relationship fields

Octane Connector

  • Added phased datasource support
  • Added ability to specify a default release to use when syncing new sprints

CA Agile Connector

  • Added automapping of Feature

Silk Central Test Manager Connector

  • Fixed issue when adding an item that is a parent of another item (failed to apply both changes)

ServiceNow Connector

  • Added RichText field support

Hub Connector

  • Improved error handling when connector fails to reach Hub Server

Azure DevOps Connector

  • Added phased datasource support
  • Fixed new line issues with RichText fields
  • Added support for sub types of projects
  • Refactored Connector to no longer depend on Microsoft TFS SDK
Micro Focus Connect Core 4.0
185.9 MB
Apr 30, 2019
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Product compatibility
ALM Octane
Version 12.60.47 · 12.53.16 · 12.53.17 · 12.55.4 · 12.55.5 · 12.55.6 · 12.55.7 · 12.55.8 · 12.55.9 · 12.55.10 · 12.55.11 · 12.55.12 · 12.55.13 · 12.55.25 · 12.60.3 · 12.60.35
Release notes

** Update on May 10 2019 to correct install / configuration issue.

ALM Octane Connector

Micro Focus Connect now includes a BETA version of an Octane Connector, see the readme in the Octane

connector directory for more details.

Email Connector Enhancements

Fixed bug in reading Gmail messages.

ALM Connector Enhancements

• Fixed a UI issue where duplicate fields would show up in the Connection mapping.

• Fixed bugs regarding field name encoding in double byte languages.

Rally Connector Enhancements

• Added support for read-only multi-valued enums.

• Fixed bug when syncing release values that are null.

• Fixed bug in moving an item and updating other fields at the same time.

• Added support for custom fields in projects.

• Improved overall memory and synchronization performance.

• Fixed a UI issue where duplicate fields would show up in the Connection mapping.

• Fixed bug in detecting deleted items when the user has configured a datasource using a workspace that

is not their default workspace.

• Fixed bug with id property, should be read-only (otherwise can cause improper mappings).

Silk Central Connector Enhancements

• Fixed a UI issue where duplicate fields would show up in the Connection mapping.

• Added sample project to datasource configuration to support lookup of custom fields.

ServiceNow Connector Enhancements

• The ServiceNow connector now supports agile assets, and projects.

• Fixed bug where duplicate enum values would be seen in the UI.

• Improved sync performance for configurations with sync criteria.

• Fixed bug with user and group names in fields.

Hub Connector Enhancements

• When comparing versions to see differences, includes millisecond precision.

• Fixed bug when syncing attachments that have very short names.

• Fixed bug with attachments using the wrong extension.

• Improved detection of trace changes.

General Enhancements

• Improved comparison of rich text fields to reduce update frequency.

• Expanded and updated Audit functionality: Now allows users to query data beyond the last 7 days.

• Improved Rally and Hub move logic to include and correct cases where products might have failed to

move items.

• When clearing watermarks, also clears versions of items so that they can be compared.

• Compare items if their versions change after prior failures.

• Add ability in the UI to run a connection just once, and then stop.

• Allow users to copy/paste audit information in the UI.

• Improve audit records, capture additional failure states and report them back to the user.

• Tomcat security updates impact items that contain '/'. Updated communication methods so that users

don't have to change Tomcat.

• Updated audit to indicate specific fields that may have caused the failure.

• Enhanced automap functionality when mapping types to prefer case-insensitive names before checking

similar names.

• Updated the UI for user fields, to indicate to the user that the field should use the user map instead of

the value map.

• Improved startup performance for Connect systems with lots of recent sync data.

• Fixed bug where errors indicating need to restart connection were not handled.

• Added chart view for queried audit records.

• Improved audit of added items: Record information about the item causing the create.

• Updated the connection messages in the UI, to include more information when a connection cannot be


• Updated lists to be sorted in the UI.



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