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PPM Chatbot is a program that can imitate a human conversation with PPM users by using text chat. Through chatting with PPM Chatbot, you can automate some PPM-related activities without opening PPM.


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PPM integrates with the NLP tool (RASA) and Microsoft Teams to identify intents, retrieve responses, and perform actions. PPM Chatbot serves as the message carrier between PPM and PPM users.

Theoretically, PPM Chatbot can automate anything that can be performed by calling PPM Webservices.

Main work categories where PPM Chatbot could be useful is the automation of routine tasks, data processing, and analysis. Such activities include but are not limited to:

  • Creating project risks
  • Creating project issues
  • Creating tasks
  • Assigning tasks
  • Submitting time sheets
  • Proposing ideas (request)


PPM Chatbot V1
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Mar 13, 2020
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Product compatibility
Release notes

In this release, we provide three samples for customer easily set up Chatbot user cases

1. Create project risk

2. Create project issue

3. Copy timesheet from previous submitted timesheet

Packages include:

1. OOB samples (intent example, report type example and special command example. Also readme and special command introduction)

2. PPM Chatbot document includes introduction and how to set up

3. Rasa VM image for customer easier installation

Username: admin

Password: 1Qaz2wsx

(Please get the VM image from ftp://vm_rasa:Passw0rd@ftp-pro.houston.softwaregrp.com as a workaround since data

got lost during upload)

3. credentials.yml and endpoints.yml which are required to configure RASA

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