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QC Project Insight lets project administrators save time, avoid mistakes and better manage their QC/ALM projects. It enhances the capabilities of QC/ALM Project Customization by providing better insight to project configuration and activity.


In Quality Center, the project administrator can define a number of settings for users, groups and entities but it can be difficult to see all of the configuration settings in one place.

QC Project Insight lets project administrators save time and avoid mistakes by eliminating the need to check settings in multiple project customization panels. It also provides views and cross-references that QC/ALM Project Customization doesn't provide. The printing functionality also provides a way to record the configuration setting and share with other stakeholders.


  • view project statistics and recent project activity, including top users
  • view users, groups, mappings and permission settings in a convenient grid view
  • view field properties, permissions and transition rules by group
  • view projects lists and field dependencies
  • view analysis items and their properties including query and report structure (NEW)
  • examing project audit logs and project data without switching apps (NEW)
  • printing support

System Requirements

  • Operating Systems
    • Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    • 8GB RAM recommended
  • Prerequisites:
    • Requires Microsoft .NET 4.6.1 or higher
    • Requires registration of ALM client components on the local PC


Community Edition 2.3.1
11.7 MB
Oct 24, 2018
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Product Compatibility
Application Lifecycle Management
Version 12.60
Release Notes

IMPORTANT:  This software supports QC/ALM version 12.60 unpatched only.

For previous QC/ALM versions, please contact support@machinedata.com.


  1. Improved domain/project selection, with ability to quickly navigate to recent projects during the session
  2. New Dashboard featuring 30-day project activity statistics, including top 10 users    
  3. Added a new Analysis Items view which shows reports, report types and configuration details 
  4. Added a new Business Views view which shows business view reports, and SQL details 
  5. Added a new Project Data Inspector to the Tools section to quickly browse requirement, test and defect data 

We strongly recommend users watch the latest video on our YouTube channel to learn how to get the most out of the product.  https://youtube.com/machinedata 

Community Edition 2.2.1
8.3 MB
Apr 19, 2018
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Product Compatibility
Application Lifecycle Management
Version 12.55
Release Notes

This release fixes a reported issue where the user couldn't access all of the projects where the domain had more than 25 projects, due to lack of a scrolling function.  Recommended for all users who are running QC/ALM in larger implementations.

This release supports QC/ALM version 12.55 unpatched only.  If you are running on a different version or patch please contact support@machinedata.com for the correct software version.


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