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Gallop’s Automation Center of Excellence has built the Gallop Test Automation Accelerator Kit (GTAAK), which consists of a tool & technology agnostic framework, reusable object library and guidelines & best practices.. The GTAAK is designed to support thick-client (desktop) applications, web based applications, mobile apps, and more. The key features of GTAAK include:

• Tool Agnostic Framework That Seamlessly Integrates With Leading Commercial And Open Source Tools

• Library With Thousands Of Industry & Technology Specific Reusable Components

• Integration With Multiple Test Data Sources To Provide Rich Reporting

• One-Click Unattended Test Execution Framework, Which Supports Continuous Integration


Test Automation Casestudy 1.0
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Feb 25, 2015
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Product compatibility
Application Lifecycle Management
Version 12.60 · 12.55 · 12.53 · 12.21 · 12.50 · 12.20 · 12.1 · 12.0
Version 14.00
Version 11.52.2 · 11.53 · 11.50 · 11.51 · 11.0
Release notes

Test Automation Casestudy. Refer to the attached pdf for more details.

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