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The P-Linux package contains resources that support L1 & L2 Host Monitoring and L1 & L2 Entity Monitoring Use Cases and User Stories.


The P-Linux package offers an easy way to monitor both host and entity related individual incidents. Furthermore, it offers a flexibility to integrate the product's events with either Activate L1 Indicator and Monitoring packages or the existing non-Activate contents for further detection and investigation.

This package supports following Use Cases and User Stories:

L1 Host Monitoring

  • System Errors
  • System Changes

L1 Entity Monitoring

  • Account Anomalies
  • Entity Authentication
  • Entity Management

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May 25, 2018
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Product compatibility
Version 7.8
Release notes

  Fix account lockout detection and expand SmartConnector support to latest versions

  • Parser overrides
    • Add override for SmartConnector parser release 7.8.1
    • Removed support for syslog parsers 7.6.1-7.6.3
    • Expanded 7.7.3 override to include parsers through 7.8.0.
    • Changes made to syslog override to support lockout detection.
    • Removed signature blocks from overrides
  • User Account Lockout detection
    • Added rule Linux User Account Lockout. This catches both faillock and tally2 lockouts.
    • Added filters:
      • Linux User Account Lockout
      • Linux Syslog User Account Pam_tally2 User Login Attempts
      • Linux Syslog User Account Pam_faillock Lockout
      • Changed filter Linux Syslog User Password Logon to handle the login program
  • Renamed filter Linux Auditd User Account Locked with Passwd to  Linux Auditd User Account Disabled with Passwd
  • Change sourceProcessId to destinationProcessId in several rules for consistency with other rules
    • Linux User Account Deleted
    • Linux User Account UID Changed
    • Linux User Account Created
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Apr 10, 2018
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Product compatibility
Version 6.8 · 6.9.1 · 6.11.0
Release notes

This release is based on a new parser override for Linux Audit events. This new override takes advantage of the merging capabilities of the production Linux Auditd parser and better maps the events to ArcSight fields, providing for more consistent ESM content.  

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Mar 21, 2017
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Product compatibility
Version 7.0
Version 6.8 · 6.11.0
Release notes

First Release



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