This NetIQ Sentinel Collector provides Identity-capture capabilities for Microsoft Active Directory and related products. Sentinel must be installed and operational before attempting to use this Collector. For further information, refer to the Quickstart helpfile included in the Collector or the full Microsoft Active Directory Identities Collector documentation

Supported Product Versions:Microsoft Active Directory 2000, Microsoft Active Directory 2003, Microsoft Active Directory 2008

Connection Method(s):FILE

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Microsoft Active Directory Identities 2011.1r3 Beta
5.0 MB
Dec 31, 2020
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Product compatibility
Version 8.4
Release notes


  • Modified the Collector to take the appropriate Tenant Name provided in the parameter instead of default value while adding Identity in Sentinel. (Bug# 1022930)
  • Collector fails to initialize when deployed on Sentinel 8.0. (Bug# 1019539)
  • Due to parsing issue with earlier version of collector current build may create duplicate identities. (Bug# 876725)
Microsoft Active Directory Identities 2011.1r2
4.2 MB
Dec 18, 2020
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Product compatibility
Version 8.4
Release notes


▪ Modified the Collector to parse non-ascii characters properly. (Bug# 830037)

▪ Enhanced the collector to use objectGuid as an unique filed instead of DistinguishedName. (Bug# 830036)

▪ Enhanced the status field to update dynamically based on UserAccountControl attribute. (Bug# 829295)

▪ Typo in example command - missing quotes. (Bug# 734982)

▪ AD identity collector won't modify the identity data. (Bug# 746020)

▪ MS AD Identities collector fails to pick up the jpegPhoto item. (Bug#779771)

▪ Sentinel's MAD Identities collector says it supports Log Manager though it should not. (Bug# 741264)

▪ Fix Identity/Account APIs to accept TenantName. (Bug# 717895)

▪ Attributes are not correctly mapped into sentinel. (Bug# 717497)

▪ Photos don't import with the collector. (Bug# 717494)


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