ArcSight ESM 7.x Administrator and Analyst Certified Professional Exam


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This ArcSight Certified Professional exam tests user’s skill and knowledge on the ArcSight console and ArcSight Command Center to monitor security events, configure ESM, and manage users as well as ESM network intelligence resources.


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Exam Topics

  • Discuss what ArcSight ESM is and how it fits into a SOC
  • List the problems ESM can solve
  • Discuss basic processes to make an ESM installation successful
  • Describe the basic ArcSight components
  • Identify basic user roles within an ArcSight installation
  • Discuss how to navigate to the user interface
  • Identify the appropriate types of users for Command Center
  • Discuss what information can be obtained from Command Center
  • Discuss the help function
  • Use Command Center to gain information about the ESM deployment
  • Install the ESM console
  • Create a knowledge base article and view it in a browser
  • Create a new reference file
  • Customize the console
  • Define the purpose of a connector
  • Describe normalization
  • List functions of a SmartConnector
  • Describe the network mode
  • How to use marketplace packages/use cases
  • Describe the ArcSight event schema
  • Describe what a field set is•Describe an Active Channel
  • Define a filter
  • Describe the purpose of a filterModule8: Dashboards & Data Monitors
  • Identify Data Monitor types and functions
  • Access and use dashboards
  • Modify dashboard Data Monitor layouts
  • Create and validate rule behavior
  • Create and validate brute force login attempt and successful rules
  • Create and validate Active and Session List integration rules
  • Manage users from the console •Access and modify global users
  • Describe the operation of ArcSight notifications
  • Configure ArcSight notifications
  • Define a case
  • Access and manage cases
  • Define Query Viewers
  • Explain the advantages of using Query Viewers
  • Create drilldowns, baselines, reports & dashboard views
  • Describe a report
  • Run, view and save a report
  • Manage archived reports
  • Peer ESMs
  • Perform a search on a peer
  • Create a package and sync to a peer
  • Manually push a package
  • Verify successful distribution of a package
  • Describe how keyword, field-based and pipeline searches are performed
  • Describe how search results are displayed
  • Use the unified search page to initiate any type of search
  • Use search helper and search builder features
  • Load, modify, and save search filters and saved searches
  • Enable peer ESM and Logger instances


ESM200-700p1-ASP 7.0
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Course outline

ESM Security Analysts and Administrators

Delivery Type:
Certification Exam

2 hour, 30 minutes



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