DA320 - DA Advanced Administration and Configuration (eLearning)


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This course is for advanced users and administrators of DA who want to explore more of the deeper aspects of configuration.


This course provides the concepts and skills needed to:

  • Create a simplified deployment application and component that will be used as the basis for advanced configuration work
  • Employ the log parse in the component process
  • Design considerations – repository: code-station, Artifactory plus alternatives.
  • Create gate and create snapshot
  • Customize security create users, assign access and test
  • Employ switch logic in the component process
  • Install and test a plugin, create accustom plugin
  • Understand an implement post processing script
  • Look at advanced debug options
  • Describe and implement an application rollback
  • Overview of some popular plugins
  • Using command line and rest to access the DA repository


DA320 120
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Course outline

Audience summary

Release Administrators, System Administrators

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Duration of the course:

4 hours


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