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This is a Digital Learning course covering 9 modules. In this course, you will get an overview of an End to End DevOps process based on the Micro Focus DevOps Model Office.




This is a Digital Learning course covering 9 modules. In this course, you will get an overview of an End to End DevOps process based on the Micro Focus DevOps Model Office. This course is developed using the Micro Focus Adoption Readiness Tool (ART). ART content provides easy access to self-paced learning content enabling users to not only dive into an online course, but also to gain direct access to individual components to quickly master specific tasks.


Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

· Create a Change Proposal

· Perform a formal acceptance

· Perform a CAB review

· Create an implementation proposal

· Login to ALM Octane as Lee

· Access the Backlog

· Create the User Story based on the relevant Release and Sprint

· Assign the relevant owner to the User Story

· Login to the Java development environment

· Track the code changes against the Octane User Story

· Use LeanFT to perform functional testing

· Use Fortify to ensure code application security

· Secure the implementation in the Git Repository

· Make out a merge to mainline request

· Perform the merge to mainline

· Consider Dimensions CM as an alternative repository

· Review the Jenkins Pipeline

· Create the Release Train in Release Control

· Link the relevant requirements and implementations to the Release Train

· Review the Release Train ID

· Deploy across the TIS, SIT and QAS stages

· Initial the Pipeline for the relevant stage in Jenkins

· Perform the relevant approvals in Deployment Automation

· Access the Release Train in Release Control to approve for deployment to production

· Perform the Pipeline Deployment and Approvals through the STG and PROD stages

· Review the original requirement in SBM

· Track the associated Release Train

· Identify the User Story and update it accordingly

· Identify the Change Proposal and the Deployment Activity associated with the Release


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Digital Learning


8 Hours


DevOps practitioners that work across part or all of the DevOps flow, users wishing to use Micro Focus products within a DevOps setting. Products covered include: ALM Octane, Solutions Business Manager (SBM), Release Control, UFT Developer (LeanFT), Fortify and Deployment Automation.


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