Exam Topics

  • Describe the building blocks of the Vertica platform
  • Read a projection DDL to determine its structure
  • Identify replicated and segmented projections
  • Use the database K-safety value to identify dependent nodes
  • Review the structure of tables and projections
  • Load data using Vertica hybrid storage model
  • Manually run the moveout and mergeout tasks
  • Generate a query plan
  • Time a query
  • Identify the database epochs
  • Find data loaded at different epochs
  • Create a comprehensive database design using Management Console
  • Review the Database Designer output files
  • Deploy the comprehensive database designs
  • Create partitioned tables
  • Load data into partitions Move partitioned data into archived tables
  • Remove data by dropping and truncating tables Bulk delete data from tables
  • Create new database Users
  • Create new database user roles
  • Assign a role to a user Create a role hierarchy
  • Review the default resource pools and parameters
  • Create a backup configuration file
  • Back up the database
  • Review the database backups
  • Restore the database
  • Discuss the structure of an analytic query
  • Review Vertica-specific functions
  • Review User authentication options
  • Secure your environment from outside threats

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AGL110 - Introduction to Agile (P)

Micro Focus

Agile is not a particular software methodology with a prescriptive checklist of things-to-do, but a philosophical approach to working iteratively and collaboratively. Manager will get an overview of the benefits of working in an Agile environment, as well as the highlights of the most popular Agile software methodologies. Armed with knowledge of the principles, vocabulary, and ceremonies of an Agile Framework, Manager are equipped to extend the concepts beyond software development and into their role as an Agile leader. Understanding these concepts will help teams speak a common language throughout the organization and give Manager the ability to lead by example. One of the biggest barriers to Agile Adoption can be a lack of buy-in from management and a misunderstanding of their role in the Agile transition. By understanding the importance of their role as an Agile champion and servant leader, Agile Manager can help facilitate a smooth transition for their teams. Organizational change starts with ensuring that leadership has a clear understanding of their role and can be effective as change agents. Agile Management techniques promote autonomy and respect on teams, leading to trusting, collaborative relationships resulting in continuous improvement, higher productivity, stronger loyalty and higher performance for team members. Using a servant leader approach rather than a traditional command and control approach, Manager become the catalysts to guide empowered self-directed teams.


VT120 1.0
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Course outline

Vertica administrators
Delivery Type:
Certification Exam
1 hour, 22 minutes



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