This extension integrates Burp with Fortify WebInspect. It allows you to share findings between Burp and WebInspect, and make your testing workflows more efficient.


BURP connector 1.0
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Sep 9, 2016
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Product compatibility
Version 20.10
Version 19.2.0
Version 18.10
Version 17.20 · 17.1
Version 16.20
Release notes

The plugin allows us to move traffic and vulnerabilities from WebInspect to Burp and vice-versa. 

 Possible use cases include:

1) You have findings in Burp and WebInspect and you want to consolidate them in one place for reporting.

2) You found an area of the site via manual exploration in Burp that will not be found by the automated crawler in WebInspect. 

3) You have a Burp extension with some unique behavior that we can now leverage. The ability to share data between these tools simplifies the workflow for users who use both tools 

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