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Automate the WebInspect dynamic security testing process.


Organizations place a lot of value in the integration of software capabilities and the ability to automate tasks.

At Fortify, we understand the benefits of improving business efficiencies, and have made automation and integration with your existing software ecosystems the core pillars of our business strategy.

With this in mind, Fortify has built the following capabilities into Fortify WebInspect:

- “Silent” Installation - The capability of installing and configuring WebInspect, without the need to invoke a GUI.

- Accessibility of WebInspect through Swaggerized REST APIs. The APIs provide users with the capabilities to run, monitor and publish scan reports.

These two new capabilities allow users the means to integrate WebInspect within a diverse software ecosystems, and further automate the dynamic security testing process.

As an example, customers can integrate with the Jenkins build process, use the “Silent” install automation feature to spin up and down WebInspect installation on AWS EC2 platform, which then triggers and monitors scans using REST APIs, and finally, publish scan results via REST API. 


WebInspect Automation Script 1
100 B
Sep 14, 2016
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Product compatibility
Version 18.10
Version 17.20 · 17.1
Version 16.20
Release notes

We highlight the capability to integrate into the Devops, Continous Integration process.

The script does the following:

1) Trigger an AWS instance through Jenkins

2) Complete Silent Installation through non GUI based command line install ( Silent Install is released with 16.2

3) Use WebInspect REST APIs to scan the build for vulnerabilities and on completion, publish the results to SSC

4) Release the AWS instance and release web inspect licenses.

(100 B)

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