AutoPass License Server (APLS), is a Micro Focus web-based solution for managing your Micro Focus Software product licenses. It helps you organize and manage your product licenses, server users, and client users.

APLS offers:

Centralized License Management: Manage the licenses for products supporting floating license model.

Usage Tracking and Report: APLS tracks the current licenses in use, as well as the usage history for APLS administrator to get a quick trend report on the feature usage.

License Reservation and Blocking: APLS allows reservation of license capacity for a group/s of clients.

Different types of Floating Licenses: APLS has two main types, live and commuter licenses. Live is for product users who are in same network as APLS and can auto-renew licenses as long as the product is active. Commuter is for those who are not always in the network and need licenses for longer duration without the need for renewal.

Roles Based Authorization: APLS Web UI is accessed by administrator/s; however there is an option to create users to view or allow license management through the web application.

Borrow License: One other feature of APLS is to allow license load balancing. APLS can borrow license capacity from another to cater to high client demands.

Email Notification: APLS allows mail server configuration to notify administrator on important events such as license expiry, primary/secondary server down etc.

Usage Hub Integration: APLS can also be configured to push usage data to Usage Hub application to track license usage.

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AutoPass License Server 12.0.2
664.9 MB
Sep 17, 2021
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Product compatibility
Release notes

This version of AutoPass License Server brings the following new features and updates:

New Features:

  1. Multi-tenancy - Ability to create and manage tenants.
  2. Ability to create custom usage reports.
  3. Notifications for license capacity threshold usage.
  4. Sending license usage to Micro Focus (i.e Telemetry server) enabled by default.
  5. Control tower - tenants association to licenses.

i. Mandating tenant id during license installation flow if CT is configured.

ii. Capability to set tenant for already installed licenses.

6. License Type field addition in View License, Product Feature, Named License tabs.


  • Tomcat upgraded to 9.0.50
  • JRE upgrade - 1.8.0_163 to 1.8.0_302
  • Security defect fixes – STAT and defect fixes.

Note: User can access media wiki document directly without installation of APLS by clicking on below link.


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