Tech Data provides a commercial off-the-shelf and supported automated solution to extract, map, and populate the BMC Atrium CMDB with HP NNM CIs, attributes and relationship asset information. Our connector significantly reduces laborious manual process steps and costs in enabling Asset, Help Desk, Change and Configuration processes by mapping, populating and reconciling the CMDB with NNM topology discovery information.


Benefits of this data pump:

Powerful ConfigurationEnables the integrated data to be viewed, managed and modeled by BMC Impact Manager, BMC Remedy Asset, BMC Remedy Change, BMC Configuration Management (Marimba) and all other BMC and third party applications which are CMDB-aware.Support for ITIL ProcessesEnables ITIL CM, AM, IM, PM, SIM processes across tool and organizational boundaries by synchronizing data and states. Automated and Up-to-date Asset InventoryAutomated updates of the asset and component repositories are discovered and managed by HP NNM. Frequency of updates can be set as per the customer's specific requirements on a schedule or event basis. 


Tech Data Approach

Tech Data products take less than one day to implement and once installed into production take 45 minutes to show value compared to alternate enterprise discovery tools which may take up to 2-6 months to plan, build, test and implement.



  • Automatically combine custom data in spreadsheets and databases with discovered data, and/or with data from third party tools, like VMware, Altiris, nlyte, IBM Tivoli, HP uCMDB, .Net, Collabnet, or Microsoft System Center Configuration Management (SCCM) into a CMDB.
  • Normalize the automated collection of software in-use in the CMDB by automatically creating a singular normalized list of software assets
  • Implement documented, predefined and automated ITIL configuration management processes: build a CMDB in a week and maintain it without adding headcount



  • Enable ITIL process automation use cases for Incident, Service Impact Management, DevOps, Change Drift Management, SLA and Configuration management
  • Verified compatibility and data level integration with classic enterprise discovery tools such as ADDM/DDM/TADDM
  • Continuously synchronize or federate on-premise data with Cloud based CMDBs for secure, real-time performance
  • SaaS, Secure Environment, and Cloud Ready: leverage the asset and event data within your service delivery processes across a data center floor, firewall or cloud boundary
  • Leverage development, test and production data to enable traceability matrices from a single model



  • Automate the ITIL configuration management process; populate a CMDB with real-time data, CIs, relationships and attributes from master data
  • Automate the process to define, populate and maintain data in a CMDB securely
  • Get real-time capacity information about the data center capacity at the time of service request

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NNM Data Pump Documentation & Trial download 1.0
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Aug 3, 2015
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Product compatibility
Version 10.50 · 10.40 · 10.0 · 10.10 · 10.20 · 10.21 · 10.30
Version 9.1 · 9.2 · 9.22
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HP NNM Data Pump Documentation & Trial download 1.0


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