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EView/390z Mainframe Discovery for UD/UCMDB extends Micro Focus Universal Discovery’s (UD) to include IBM mainframe (z/OS) systems. This tight integration enables organizations to quickly view build and inventory of critical CIs and interrelationships.



IBM Mainframe and IBM i (iSeries-AS/400) environments continue to play a very critical part in today’s corporate IT infrastructures, processing some of the most valued and important data. Organizations need to collect mainframe data, identify mainframe Configuration Items (Cis), and know precisely how they are configured. But the sheer number of interrelated IT components and configurations—as well as the constant changes introduced by business and technology needs— makes manual tracking difficult, if not impossible.

EView/390z Mainframe Discovery enables companies to manage the tasks associated with Change, Incident, Problem and other IT Service Management disciplines for mainframe (z/OS)-based Configuration Items (CIs). Adding the EView/390z Discovery agent to the Micro Focus Universal Discovery (UD) for Micro Focus Universal Configuration Management Database (UCMDB) enables organizations to quickly view and easily build an inventory of critical physical and logical entities along with their interrelationships.

Through seamless integration with the Micro Focus UD software, EView/390z Discovery eliminates the need for high-level CMDB or mainframe/zOS expertise. Thistight integration between Micro Focus and EView provides a comprehensive, accurate and complete view of corporate IT mainframe/zOS infrastructure for service modeling and service impact analysis.Map IT to your businessEView/390z Mainframe Discovery solution, along with Micro Focus UD and UCMDB, allows organizations to include mainframe transactions and IT processes under an consolidated, enterprise wide view. These initiatives help align IT efforts with business requirements and run IT operations more efficiently and effectively.

Achieving an IT Enterprise view of your CIs demands a solution that provides visualization of both distributed and mainframe/zOS resources and uses automation to reduce the risk of errors during discovery and UCMDB repository population.

What is Discovered

With EView/390z Discovery and Micro Focus Universal Discovery, IT organizations can now discover specific CIs for inclusion into a unified UCMDB. The discovered information includes:

  • DASD Storage and Storage Groups
  • CICS - regions, transactions, programs
  • DB2 - DDF, DSG, databases, table spaces
  • IMS - regions, databases, transactions, programs
  • MQ (managers, channels, queues)
  • Memory
  • LPAR
  • CPU
  • Network Connectivity
  • Installed IBM Software

If you would like more information, set up a live demonstration, or request a trial, go to or contact us at


EView/390z Mainframe Discovery for Micro Focus Universal Discovery (UD) for UCMDB 7.1
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May 30, 2018
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Product compatibility
Version 2019.11 · 2019.08 · 2019.05 · 2019.02
Version 2018.11 · 2018.08 · 2018.05 · 2018.02
Version 9.2
Version 10.0
Version 2017.08 · 2017.11
Version 9.00.00 · 9.3 · 9.31 · 9.32
Release notes

Hardware Requirements

UCMDB Discovery Probe

EView/390z requires appropriate Ethernet hardware on the Discovery probe to communicate via TCP/IP.

All other hardware requirements are the same as the requirements for Micro Focus UCMDB.·  

z/OS Operating System

EView/390z requires the appropriate Ethernet hardware on the S/390 to allow for TCP/IP communication with the UCMDB probe.In addition, make sure that the Discovery probe and z/OS partitions meet the disk space requirements described in detailed technical documentation (which can be found on the EView Technology website -

Software Requirements

On the Discovery Probe:

  • Microsoft Windows 2012 Server or higher
  • UCMDB 8, 9, or 10 with the Mainframe Adapter.
  • The TCP/IP network protocol stack must be active.
  • Active Perl version 5.8 or later from

All other software requirements are the same as the requirements for Micro Focus UCMDB

On the z/OS operating system:

  • z/OS V1R13 or higher.
  • The TCP/IP network protocol stack (V3R1 or higher) must be active.

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