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Contents for the ITSMA Containerized Suite 2017.07 Express Edition to support mixed mode deployment, AWS deployment and Android mobility solution respectively.

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This project includes below content packs for ITSMA2017.07 containerized release:

1. SM9.41 unload to support on-prem SM9.41 mixed mode, in addition, recommend to also apply  SM9.41p6HF2 to improve performance

2. SM9.50 unload to support on-prem SM9.50 mixed mode

3. Solr plug-in to better support your search experience with the new service portal using Solr

4. Master Data on boarding tool  can help you import master data from an existing Classic ITSMA system to ITSMA containerized Express 

5. Android APP installation will enable you to enjoy the native mobility solution for the new service portal

6. Packer and Terraform scripts to help you create AWS AMI to enable AWS deployment



Service Portal Mobility (Android) 1.0
5.8 MB
Jul 20, 2017
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Product compatibility
Release notes

This is the mobile client for ITSMA service portal in ITSMA suite. Via this application, you can enjoy best in class native mobility solution which offers below functionalities with cutting-edge user experience:

1. Search service or support offerings, knowledge articles and news 

2. Create new service or support request 

3. Approve or deny requests 

4. Accept or reject resolved requests 

5. Browse the service or support offerings  

We offer below languages:

1. English

2. Arabic

3. Simplified Chinese

4. Danish

5. Dutch

6. French

7. German

8. Italian

9. Japanese

10. Korean

11. Polish

12. Brazil Portuguese

13. Russian

14. Spanish

15. Turkish

16. Norwegian

17. Greek

AWS deployment script 2017.07
39.7 KB
Jul 20, 2017
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Product compatibility
Release notes

ITSMA Suite can be installed on AWS to support more flexible business requirements and further optimize your IT resources.   Below scripts will enable you to create the AMI and provision infrastructure to install ITSMA on AWS. Please follow the detailed instructions under "Install CDF and ITSMA in the cloud" from the doc portal. 

Note about which package to download

If you have already installed ITSMA 2017.07 GA version, you can still use for AWS provisioning. And the is dedicated for deploying ITSMA 2017.07.001 on AWS. We highly recommend you using this latest version of ITSMA 2017.07 to have better HA (multiple masters) support. You can download ITSMA 2017.07.001 from SSO portal.

Service Manager unloads to support Mixed mode 2017.07
1.1 MB
Jul 19, 2017
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Product compatibility
Version 9.41 · 9.50 · 9.51
Release notes

You may want to keep your existing implementation for some capabilities that were previously deployed in the classic manner while trying some new functions like deployed in container. In this release,  we will support mixed mode which enables you to use an external classic CMDB system and/or Service Manager system, together with containerized components (Chat, Service Portal, and Smart Analytics) in ITSMA NG Express. 

You will need apply below items that are required for mixed mode deployment: 

1. Two unloads to enable APIs at SM side for suite integration, for detailed installation and configuration steps please refer to "ITSMA Suite July release document" under Install -> Install CDF and ITSMA on premises -> Install the ITSMA suite (on-premises) -> Mixed Mode -> Scenario 1: Both SM and CMDB are non-containerized -> Task 4.2 from our doc portal.  

CompatibleForNG_Plus_SM941.unl (for SM9.41 only)

CompatibleForNG_SM941to952.unl (for SM9.41 and above. Need apply after CompatibleForNG_Plus_SM941.unl is applied when apply unloads on SM9.41)

2.  If you are using Service Manager 9.41, we recommend to upgrade to SM9.41.p6HF2 in order to improve performance.  Please find the SM9.41.p6HF2 installation files from CRyPT (

3.  If you are using Solr as knowledge search engine, please apply  solr plugin which will enable you to enjoy the new service portal capabilities on top of Solr search.   Please refer to "Install Solr plugin for Service Portal Search"  for more details, you can find it from Install -> Install CDF and ITSMA on premises -> Install the ITSMA suite (on-premises) -> Mixed Mode -> Scenario 1: Both SM and CMDB are non-containerized  . 

Master Data Onboarding 2017.07
495.5 KB
Jul 18, 2017
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Product compatibility
Release notes

This tool set can help you import master data from an existing Classic ITSMA system to ITSMA NG Express. Please flow data-on boarding steps described in Data On boarding section under Administrate ITSMA suite part from the doc portal: 


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