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The Micro Focus Storm Runner Load (SRL) plugin is a quality automation based plugin. SRL is used to execute load and performance tests during development and deployment processes and can be executed in a Deployment Automation process using this plugin.


The Micro Focus Storm Runner Load (SRL) plugin is a quality automation based plugin. It is run during development and deployment process to automate the execution of performance tests. SRL provides simple, smart, and scalable cloud-based load and performance testing for web and mobile apps.

This plugin is a community supported plugin and is intended to provide the following steps:

  • Run Test - Run a load test
  • Check Status - Check the status of a load test run
  • Publish Results to HTML - Publish the results of a test run to a file in HTML format

Source for the plugin can be found at at the following Github repo: and can be updated by end users as needed.


Deployment Automation - SRL Plugin 1.0
1.5 MB
Jan 11, 2019
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Product compatibility
Deployment Automation
Version 6.2.2 · 6.1.5 · 6.2.0 · 6.2.1
Release notes

Initial community edition release


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