KnowledgeBroker’s comprehensive Digital Desktop Support Solutions KnowledgeBase provides over 70,000+ step-by-step solutions to problems for more than 350+ Desktop and Internet Applications, Operating Systems, tablets, smart phones and digital devices. Chosen over nearly two decades for our knowledge engineering and knowledge acquisition expertise and capabilities, KBI also teams with organizations to develop searchable support solution content for proprietary applications.


  • FAST Tier 1 help
  • PERFECT for Self-Service
  • REDUCES Support escalations
  • REDUCES Call times with short, concise solutions
  • REDUCES Call volume with End User self-service
  • PROVIDES Consistent answers shift-to-shift SAVES time, cuts costs and increases the efficiency of technical support
  • LEVERAGE AS a template for building proprietary solutions
  • LEVERAGES your current support system investment
  • INTEGRATES seamlessly with major ITSM and CRM systems
  • SUPPORTS KCS and ITIL compliance
  • IMPROVES Support center metrics
  • Used As a Resource for employee Just In Time Training(JITT)
  • PROVIDES Major cost savings - Buy vs. Build
  • GENERATES Immediate ROI

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Minimum Requirements

Any HPE/MICROFOCUS ITSM or CRM product for questions and version information

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Oct 30, 2017
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Version 2021.02
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Version 2019.11 · 2019.08 · 2019.05 · 2019.02
Version 2018.11.0 · 2018.08 · 2018.05 · 2018.02
Version 2017.11 · 2017.07
Version 9.64 · 9.63 · 9.62 · 9.61 · 9.60 · 9.20 · 9.21 · 9.30 · 9.31 · 9.32 · 9.33 · 9.34 · 9.35 · 9.40 · 9.41 · 9.50 · 9.51 · 9.52
Version 7.0 · 7.10 · 7.11
Version 2.00 · 2.01 · 2.10 · 2.20
Release notes

350+ solutions

70,000+ knowledge articles


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